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All Posts by David Beran, DO

About David Beran, DO

I am a practicing emergency physician with academic and administrative roles. I work full time as a medical director but am exploring multiple non-clinical avenues for my medical and public health degrees. Aside from blogging on, I work in file review, consulting, research and expert witnessing.

Is This the Perfect Time to Try Locum Tenens?

A physician traveling to a locums assignment

As facilities restructure to satisfy the new normal, positions are opening up. And the more I’m contacted by recruiters trying to fill those positions, the more I see just how many and how varied those positions are.

With all of this opportunity, one can’t help but ask oneself: Is this a good time to try something new? 

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How I Picked A Medical Specialty

Illustration of a team of doctors from various medical specialties

In this article Dr. David Beran gives helpful advise to medical students for choosing which type of residency to pursue. The medical specialty decision is stressful—by thinking of the specialties in big buckets and asking major questions, you can narrow down your list…

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6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Quitting Your Job in Healthcare

Head of a smart young healthcare provider wearing glasses and smiling. A concrete wall background with two hands offering jobs. A career choice concept

More than ever, it’s important to ask yourself the right questions before making the decision to quit. Here are six questions to help put that decision in perspective.

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Why This Physician Isn’t Burned Out

One unlit match among several which are burned. The associated article is about the reasons one physician gives for not feeling "burned out" by his profession.

I am an emergency physician.

I provide care to abusive patients via a clunky EMR. I work nights, weekends and holidays. Because of unnecessary bureaucratic tasks, simple aspects of my job are cumbersome and take longer than they should. 

And I am not burned out…

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What Is A “Rock Star” Doctor?

A physician "rock star" takes a stroll on the beach with his guitar. The article discusses what is meant by the term "rock star" when it is applied to physicians and how doctors can become that type of physician

Many physicians possess some of these characteristics, but excellent physicians possess them all. Seamlessly integrating them into an excellent patient care experience is what makes you a rock star.

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How To Explore A New Job Market As An Emergency Physician

Job Market Analysis: Emergency Medicine Physician

Working as an attending means a greater degree of responsibility than working as a resident. You are more likely to have hospital or system-level roles, be involved with committees or champion hospital initiatives.   Having a sense of the job market gives insight into the context of your job interest and enables you make the best possible decision when pursuing a job.

For the purposes of this post, I’ll presume you know nothing about an area—you’re moving to a new location and would like to size up a job market that is completely foreign to you. Any information you have by word-of-mouth will only help solidify what you gather by using the approach below.

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Five Ways Medical Culture Harms the Doctor-Patient Relationship

Current medical culture has evolved over thousands of years. It dictates how we treat each other and ourselves. It’s an insidious culture of self-neglect, unspoken hierarchies, jousting, and undervalued humanity.

As physicians, we are expected to establish rapport and trust with our patients while enmeshed in medical culture. Our “values, norms, and practices” are to care for patients as we would our own family members. The success we’re striving for is to have best possible outcome for all of our patients.

But our goals and culture are antagonistic; good patient outcomes will occur despite medical culture, not because of it.

The following are just five ways medical culture undermines the efforts to establish a successful doctor-patient relationship.

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Tips for Surviving Shift Work in Medicine

Surviving Shift Work as a Physician

Flipping between night and day shifts is like being perpetually jet lagged. You’re irritable, tired, hungry, and confused. But if you’re a physician, it’s a feeling you’re accustomed to…

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What Emergency Medicine Physicians Want From Recruiters

What ER Doctors Want from Recruiters

It’s time to get over the antagonistic relationship a lot of doctors have with recruiters and get to a point where we can help each other.

Ultimately, it can only benefit us both to have higher quality interactions…

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Dealing with Bad Patient Outcomes

How Physicians Can Cope with Bad Patient Outcomes

Working in a high-liability specialty for the past nine years, I have received the news of bad outcomes several times. It never gets easier—and frankly I think that if it does, it’s a good sign that I should probably quit clinical medicine.
Below is the process I go through and a few tips I wish I knew earlier on…

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